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SLC Services always prioritize care for our customers and make sure we’re providing only the best services. Our working hours is Mondays to Saturdays, 9AM to 8PM. If you need quick assistance, please contact us.


SLC performs installations across a wide variety of air conditioning units. During our installation, we endeavor to ensure that the installation of the unit does not compromise the premises. Our highly experienced staff is equipped with the necessary tools to effect the installation in a quick and fuss-free manner.
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Normal Service

Job Scope: Cleaning & checking air filter, front panel & cover, Checking,deodorising and purifying filter…

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Chemical Wash & Overhaul

We believe that a well-maintained system is essential to the safety and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Using a multitude of cleaning agents, our chemical wash and overhaul services will ensure a long and problem-free lifespan for your units.
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Repair Service

Troubleshooting the fault in the air-conditioning system, Recommending the most economical solution…

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CU Wash

Chemical washes are important in removing built up oil, dirt and chemicals in your air conditioning unit. Our professional team is trained in exercising the care needed for CU washes to ensure that your air conditioning unit is as good as new afterwards.
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