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Normal Service

Job Scope:

  • Cleaning & checking air filter, front panel & cover
  • Checking,deodorising and purifying filter
  • Cleaning & checking indoor evaporator coil
  • Cleaning & checking indoor drainage tray
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Checking fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)
  • Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure

The service includes:

  • Brushing and checking the outdoor condenser coil.
  • Checking and cleaning air filter, cover and front panel.
  • Checking and cleaning the indoor evaporator coil.
  • Checking and cleaning the indoor drainage tray (wall mount coil).
  • Checking deodorizing and the purifying filter.
  • Checking the compressor suction as well as the discharge pressure.
  • Checking the fan bearing and lubricate it when necessary.
  • Checking and tightening electrical contacts.
  • Vacuuming the drainage system or the drainage pan (for ceiling mount fan coil).

Benefits of acquiring the service:

  • Clearing water leak problem.
  • Cleaner and healthier air quality.
  • Preventing system breakdown.
  • Improved efficiency in the usage of air conditioner.

Normal service

  • One Fan Coil Unit : $40
  • Two Fan Coil Unit : $60
  • Three Fan Coil Unit : $75
  • Four Fan Coil Unit : $100
  • Five Fan Coil Unit : $125

Repair of water leaking fan coil unit Prices start from : $40 to $80

Topping up gas for Model R22 or R410a condenser Unit Prices start from : $40 to $120

Transport charge for checking of Air con Prices $40 outside CBD area