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Our Yearly Maintenance Contract

If you plan to upkeep your air-con in a regular matter, you might want sign up our yearly maintenance contract with us. We can maintain your air-con in a timely manner at your own preference, tri-yearly (3 times), quarterly (4 times) or even bi-monthly (6 times). These maintenance plan help to upkeep your aircon cleanliness and efficiency at a much cheaper rate.

Benefit of General Aircon Servicing

Here are some of the benefits of our General Aircon Servicing which is carried out by our trained Air-Conditioning Technicians.

  • Maintaining the overall cleanliness of your air-con.
  •  Breathing in cleaner air in the environment.
  • Dripping of water and condensation issue will decrease significantly.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Full payment has to be made upon signing of the air conditioning maintenance contract.
  2. This air-conditioning maintenance contract is not allow to be transferred to another owner/company/address.
  3. Air-conditioning maintenance service has to be done on the months stated above. If not, that particular maintenance service will be forfeited.
  4. Air-conditioning maintenance service can only be done on weekdays only
  5. Payment is not refundable.

PS: Advance booking has to be made at least 2 days before the actual appointment.